‘Nothing but the blood of Jesus’ it is a very powerful song

Hi Caspar I wanted to introduce myself to you. My name is Mike born again christian who loves the lord. I saw your session at the Long Island Prophecy Conference and your worship. I noted the simplicity of ‘Nothing but the blood of Jesus’ it is a very powerful song. I wanted to say that your speaking session spoke to me more deeply than almost any other speaker I loved your message of the gospel and your stepping out in faith with word of knowledge and healing ministry. I was touched deeply by your sincerity and love for the lord. Although I play as a bass guitarist (past 6 years) in the worship ministry at Calvary Chapel Sun Valley in California. It is not enough for me I would love to be involved in a ministry such as yours or any other opportunity similar to yours. I am listening to your songs and enjoying them. Say hi if and I will answer you. Take care God bless you.