Kingdom of God


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Kingdom of god
Someday I’llĀ  be gone
Dancing on streets of gold
In the new Jerusalem
What a sight to behold
Don’t need wings to fly
To meet jesus in the sky
Forever I’ll live on
I pray you qualify
To enter the kingdom of god
Someday looking back
Remembering time with you
The memories that we shared
What more could we do
When were only saved by grace
Transending time and space
Forgiven of everything
We ran a mighty race
To enter the kingdom of god
Its not hard to understand
How Jesus loves us all
Dying for our every sin
Making salvations possible
In the new heaven and new earth
It will be like a new birth
Heaven is physical
Where nothing is impossible
To enter the kingdom of god
Words & music Caspar McCloud ascap (c) 2018