Jesus Be Glorified


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Jesus be glorified

Jesus be glorified -through the live that I live
You created us to be just like you
/To do those things that you do
Youre spirit in us everywhere we go
So the world may know what we know
To see jesus in every step we take
Knowing he can fix every mistake-a/
We have ever made

Do you see jesus the way I represent his name knowing christ’s loves everybody the same
Do you see his power and love to heal today to save you and hear you as you pray

With the ministry of recociliation
We worship with all of creation — right now

{em} Does the world see jesus or do they just see you?
{bm} Is the atmosphere made holy when you walk into a room
{em } Does the world hear you speak in his spirit and truth
{bm} Are we light in the darkness without an excuse}

Caspar McCloud (c) 2014